Medical Cannabis is Legal, and Available via Prescription in: England Republic of Ireland
Check through our Patient Guides to learn more. MedBud is a 100% independent British organisation tracking the emerging Irish medical cannabis industry with impartiality.
This very basic version of MedBud Ireland has just been launched, expect further information over the coming weeks. Más mian, aistreofar MedBud go Gàidhlig.

What's New?

New Strain Bedrocan Main T22:C1 Jack Herer 22% THC | 1% CBD | Sativa From €0.00/g 5th Sep
New Strain Bedrocan Bedrobinol T13:C1 Ludina 13.5% THC | 1% CBD | Sativa From €0.00/g 5th Sep
New Brand Bedrocan 🇳🇱 Bedrocan B.V. 5th Sep
New Concentrate Aurora Sedamen Softgels T5:C0 Oral Capsule Tablets 5/mg THC | 0.1/mg CBD From €0.00/ml 5th Sep
New Concentrate Tilray T10:C10 Full Spectrum Oil 10/mg THC | 10/mg CBD From €0.00/ml 5th Sep
New Brand Tilray 🇨🇦 Tilray Inc 5th Sep
New Concentrate MGC CannEpil™ T5:C100 Oral Drops 5/mg THC | 100/mg CBD From €0.00/ml 5th Sep
New Brand MGC Pharmaceuticals Australia MGC Pharmaceuticals Ltd 5th Sep

Latest Edits & Updates

Bedrobinol T13:C1 Available 5th Sep
T10:C10 Available 5th Sep
Main T22:C1 Available 5th Sep
Bedrocan Brand Updated 5th Sep
Aurora Brand Updated 5th Sep
Tilray Brand Updated 5th Sep
High CBD T3:C60 Available 5th Sep
MGC Pharmaceuticals Brand Updated 5th Sep